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Tom Malem brings 20 plus years of spatial design experience to define, create and deliver successful retail, hospitality, workplace and multi-use projects for local and global brands.

 Working with clients to design experiences that create moments in life we can all enjoy.

Malem Creative is an Auckland based design studio run by
Tom Malem, who collaborates with a range of creative partners
and design agencies. Specialising in concept creation and detailed
delivery with an architectural interiors focus across spatial design
projects for retail and hospitality brand environments.

Human experience is at the heart of what we create, defining how
we use space and what we need from it to create lasting design for
a sustainable future .

The world is changing at an incredible speed brought about by
rapid innovation, and currently the global pandemic is
transforming the way we live, shop, educate, communicate and socialise.

Tom works in collaboration with brand experience strategists,
architects, graphic and industrial design partners.


Tom has been fortunate to have worked with some great brands.

Malem Creative likes…