Heathrow Airport, BA / AA Check-in

British Airways and American Airlines

First & Business Class check-in, London Heathrow

British Airways & American Airlines
Tangerine Design & Gebler Tooth Architects
850 Sq Metres

the big idea

Intuitive and Unified; the optimum check-in experience for premium BA & AA passengers


With Tangerine Design and the Gebler Tooth Architects we won the pitch to design the First Class and Business Class check-in areas within Heathrow’s Airport’s Terminal 3, and to develop a combined check-in experience for Business and First class British Airways and American Airlines customers.

We set out to build the creative and operational vision to harness all the necessary technologies involved and analyse the customer interface needs and expectations.


Firstly we researched the best in class self-check-in and assisted check-in systems, whilst also understanding the complex operational aspects of the airport and a comprehensive data analysis of the different ways passengers use to travel through the space.

We took inspiration from hotel and restaurant hospitality arrival and customer service excellence to provide a smooth and efficient business class check-in, and a highly personal First class experience.

British Airways Heathrow T3 Business Check-in Lounge Mood Board
grey background

The barrier of traditional First Class check-in desks is replaced with a compact podium to allow staff to directly greet customers with adjacent seating to allow for a hosted seated check-in experience.

British Airways Business Class Check-in at London Heathrow T3