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Za Za Bazaar


Za Za Bazaar
Mystery Design
1,500 Sq Metres

The Big Idea

A Bladerunner inspired restaurant.


Head of interiors, master-planning, design development, co-ordination with catering service designers, main contractor, building control and detail drawing package.

This is the second site following the success of the Bristol 1,000 cover restaurant created by Mystery Design. The challenge for the team here was to co-ordinate the strip out of a an old Newcastle night club and to plan and design the new steel mezzanine floor levels, bespoke servery counters, furniture and an eclectic mix of signage elements. All of this to be completed within a three month time frame.

Our Approach

To capture the sense of an Asian night market with the twist of a Bladerunner inspired backdrop. The variety of food here is amazing, you can chose from Indian to Chinese, or traditional Italian mixed with Mexican burritos, all freshly cooked to order in front of you.

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We converted an old night club into a 500 seat world buffet restaurant

Za Za Bazaar Neon Signage
Za Za Bazaar Neon Signage